STYLE GURU BIO: Florencia Luna

Hello stylish people! My name is Florencia Luna and I’m so excited to begin a new journey with CollegeFashionista. It´s my second semester here and it has already being one of the most amazing experiences.

I’m currently studying Art Direction in Miami Ad School Lima, Peru. Even though my actual studies are more focused in Art and Advertising, Fashion is what I really love. The amazing textures of fabrics as well as meaningful creations feed my soul. Not only the colorful designs but also the history behind every garment are one of my reasons for smiling every day. However, what I find truly amazing about this field is the powerful communication tool that it is. When the concept is found, you have the first step of the creative adventure. Since that, many unexpected things start happening. Whether you make a statement in our contemporary world or you just make it look prettier, thanks for your work. Thanks for devoting yourself to such an essential topic. Yes, for many reasons fashion is more important than what we think.

For instance, fashion is the greatest expression tool. Imagine a shy girl whose powerful ideas were hidden her whole life. One day she will have the courage to became a fashion blogger and share her unique style with us.

On the other hand, clothes can be a way to claim for our rights. For example, the Peruvian fashion designer and social scientist Lucia Cuba designs are based in political issues. The pieces make us think about not well-known problems. Even Lady Gaga wore one of her dresses.

As mentioned, there are many reasons in which fashion is more than just clothes. Let’s take advantage of it and make meaningful statements.

My future posts will depict the current style of Peruvian´s streets. Hope you like it!