STYLE GURU BIO: Erin Sullivan

January 13th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Erin Sullivan

Hey, everyone! Erin, here, I am beyond excited to begin my first semester as a Style Guru. I am a marketing major at Salve Regina University with minors in English communications, psychology and business administration. Though I adore beautiful historic Newport, RI, I am a total city girl and cannot wait to settle into a cozy Boston apartment after college. I make frequent visits to Boston and, between the diverse city population, my fellow spunky students, the ever-unpredictable Newport tourists and the unquestionable beauty of Newport, I find no shortage of inspiration in my daily life.

My style is quite hard to pin down. Some days I feel classy and girly; other days I take risks and go for more of an urban flare, but most days I fall somewhere in between. I like to mix trends and inspiration from everything I see. Though my love for comfort often lures me into a “hobo-chic” (or sometimes just hobo) trap, I definitely feel my best when I’ve put together a statement outfit that screams “Erin” and perfected my makeup look right down to the lethal winged liner. Side note, I am a TOTAL makeup nerd.

Here, I showed off my broad style with an outfit that pulls inspiration from all over. I played up my classic turtleneck with a layered sweater look I have been loving lately, inspired by my rad roommates, and a simple statement necklace from Old Navy. My favorite thing about this type of layering is that it stands out from the typical jacket or cardigan while still serving the purpose of adding detail and keeping me warm. Another trend I cannot get enough of these days is “mom jeans.” This pair fuses vintage and grunge with their light wash and slightly distressed look. My patent leather, oxblood loafers dress up the look while adding a pop of color and texture and reveal yet another influence: menswear! These are quickly becoming my favorite shoes because they are not only super cool and different from other flats, but they are also extremely comfortable, much like the rest of the pieces I wear. Anything comfortable and cute gets a huge A+ from me because it makes it so much easier to put myself together on days when I am in a rush or just really want to stay in my pajamas. My style is a unique blend of the many trends I appreciate.

I have always been a major proponent of self-expression through fashion and love to see other people shamelessly be themselves. When I employ my personal style to make my exterior match my interior, I feel motivated and confident and I believe the same goes for everyone. Breaking boundaries to embrace one’s individuality is what makes for interesting and impactful. So, yeah, I get a little excited when I see a stand-out Fashionisto/a.