September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

What’s up guys, My name is Erika Davis and I am currently a sophomore at Florida State University! I major in information of communications and technology with a specification on public relations. I am so excited for this opportunity to share myself with you readers and fellow Style Gurus. This summer was really all about me being able to expand my horizons and stop putting off things that I have always wanted to do. Two of those things being becoming a Style Guru and starting my YouTube channel. Summer 2016 has been, to say the least, “A year of realizing things,” in the wise words of my favorite philosopher Kylie Jenner.

In between watching Bachelor in Paradise and countless YouTube videos, I took the time to put together this featured outfit! I was going for a nude monochromatic vibe like my favorite YouTuber, RavenElyseTv, is known for. All of my accessories (i.e. my necklace, bracelet and camera) were given to me by my grandparents. My necklace is a Pisces pendant with a crucifix on top which was made with melted down jewelry from my grandma. My bracelet was passed down from my great-grandma. Last, My camera is actually a vintage Canon given to me by my grandfather who was the national photographer for Jamaica. I decided to keep my look very simple so that there is no one thing stealing the focus. FUN FACT: The heel of my shoe actually broke off resulting in the loss of some of my favorite pictures.