My name is Emma McMurray and in the fall, I’m going to be a sophomore at Ryerson University in Toronto. I chose Ryerson University because of the downtown city aesthetic and of course, the fashion communication program I am in. In my program, we learn everything from how to sew, design and sew a daywear dress to learning about the history of fashion and how the business as a whole has changed.

I can admit that I was not always such a Fashionista. In my younger years I definitely fought with my mom about what I wanted to wear to school and what she thought I should wear. We all went through the awkward clothing phases and even Fashionista’s are not exempt from this! As I grew into a more stylish aesthetic, I took inspiration from street style, one of the most powerful and bold forms of clothing expression. I learned that using fashion icons and famous models are clothing idols is next to impossible as I do not have the money to replicate their high end outfits. I have found that simply walking the streets and observing everyday styles can be the best inspiration for everyday dress!

After a rough Canadian winter I am jumping straight into spring and summer clothes such as the ones I am pictured in above. My lace top is an oldie from Topshop, which I paired with the black and white wide leg pants that I made myself! I topped off the outfit with white leather pointed toe heels, but could easily be swapped out for gladiator flats or sandals.

I am more than excited to continue through with fashion school and share my findings with you all on my posts! As I go through fashion school and learn more about the fashion world I hope to be able to explore more styles and share it all with you!