STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Hendrickson

Hello everyone! Emily Hendrickson here. A few things about me: I am a junior at Syracuse University. I am studying Business and Psychology. I love fashion and pizza! And if there is any cute and cuddly animal in my vicinity, I will immediately go up to it and try to become best friends

What is more relevant about this, is that fashion has always been a major factor in my life. From my earliest memories, I can recall my mom taking me to the mall and picking out the most perfect outfits. From tea parties with playmates, to sport’s banquet dinners in high school, to traversing campus, I always had to have the right outfit for the occasion.

The reasoning behind this is not because I was looking to impress anyone it is because I was looking to express myself. I am a firm believer that fashion is one of the great ways to let the world know who you are and how you want to present yourself. Since this was the primary motivation behind my fashion style over the years I have always tried new trends and gone with the flow. One of the best parts of fashion is that it is unique to every individual and you can change your fashion everyday! If one day your outfit is not up your standards you can always change it the next day.

My everyday style is more of a laid back type of look. Some of my best pieces include a red and black flannel, ripped jeans and my favorite sunnies. With a hectic social life and classes taking up my time, I try to create a more effortless style. Looking good is important, but so is getting to class on time! So the trick with my look is layering. I use the tried and true three-piece rule. You need three pieces at least to walk out the door, and then add on more accessories as necessary. I love bangles but rings and necklaces can sometimes add that extra something!

The most important part of this though is that I get to share all my favorite trends and fashion tips with you all! I hope everyone enjoys these articles and I am very excited to be a Syracuse University Style Guru.