I cherish inventiveness and individuality in all aspects of my life, fashion being no exception. Being involved in music and theater makes putting myself out for the world (or Sheboygan, Wisconsin) to see a piece of cake, and that confidence makes expressing my fashion choices equally as easy and enjoyable. I like to try as many fashion and beauty tips, tricks and trends as possible, while remaining true to my classic fashion tastes. Fashion is whatever you make of it, and there is no better place to share such creativity than on CollegeFashionista!

I, like many college kids, am dirt broke. Some might find this to be inhibiting while trying to expand their wardrobe, but I like to think of it as a creative challenge. What can I find at a thrift store for a fraction of the original cost? Many of my fashion favorites, like this black bodysuitare from thrift stores. Finding staple pieces you love for a low price allows you to try new things without breaking the bank!

On many chilly spring days in Wisconsin, you can find me wearing a variation of this outfit: a bodysuit and high-waisted jeans (the ones I’m wearing from Kohl’s are great quality). 

I dressed up this simple look with some funky gold oxfords and my patterned shoulder bag. To jazz it up more, I added a purple jeweled bracelet, a chunky hand-me-down bracelet and I tied it all together with some pale pink earrings.

Here’s to warmer months, cooler style and a great summer semester here at CollegeFashionista!