STYLE GURU BIO: Emily DerManuelian

Hey #GuruGang! My name is Emily DerManuelian and this is my first semester as a Fashionista for Oakland University! I am very excited to show my fellow Fashionistas/os what trends Oakland University students will be styling throughout the spring semester. This spring puts me halfway through my sophomore year as I continue to work towards my degree in marketing.

My love for fashion began to grow throughout the past few years. Watching fashion week each season for various cities across the world is a huge inspiration for my wardrobe. I love seeing what each new season brings into the fashion industry whether it’s in New York City or Paris. After seeing the details incorporated into outfits featured throughout fashion week, I began to pay more attention to the small details that create a cute outfit.

After fall semester my entire wardrobe was filled with cardigans and sweaters. Now that winter break is over and warm weather is slowly approaching, I cannot wait to begin shopping for new colors and patterns to add to my closet. Rather than wearing chunky knit sweaters, layering will be essential for cold mornings and hot afternoons. With the spring semester off to a cold start, I’m anxious to see how students on campus will be making the transition to warmer whether.

This particular outfit definitely showcases the entirety of my wardrobe. When shopping, I am very drawn to neutral colors such as black and white. In the winter time, I try to add pops of bright colors. The corduroy button-up skirt I have styled combines one of my favorite colors with one of my favorite trends I’ve seen the last few seasons. I then opted for a pair of suede riding boots for extra warmth and a layered necklace to tie in with the gold trim details.

My wardrobe consists of neutral pieces and I turn to makeup in order to add pops of color. Pieces such as stylish trainers and leather jackets paired with delicate lace tanks allow for the perfect segue to spring! This outfit is perfect for going out with friends right from a busy day filled with classes!

In addition to my love for fashion, expect to see multiple posts on makeup trends across campus and other looks I have designed myself. I simply cannot wait to see what trends make their way across campus throughout the semester!