STYLE GURU BIO: Eliza Williams

Hello again Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I know it has been quite some time – about a year to be exact – but I am back for another trend-setting semester and I am overjoyed to be writing for CollegeFashionista again!

For those of you who don’t know me from last spring, my name is Eliza Williams and I am currently a senior at Elon University in the “First In Flight” state (North Carolina). I will be graduating in May with a B.S.B.A. in International Business and a minor in Italian Studies and although neither of these have much to do with fashion, it has been one of my greatest passions growing up. I have spent my childhood living between Newport, Rhode Island and Palm Beach, Florida…two places that have greatly contributed to how I view fashion as well as helping me develop into the fashion-lover I am today. If I had to describe my style I would tell you it is polished yet slightly edgy with a dash of “rule-breaking” at times! My inspiration comes from everywhere – literally. I could be walking down the street and something may catch my eye or I may even find a new idea flipping through a magazine or scrolling through Pinterest.

As you can see from above I love, love, love color! If it’s bright, you will probably find me wearing it. Layering jewelry is something else I am known to do on the reg. It is simply too much fun and, in my opinion (and as my wardrobe would suggest), you can never have too much! Some of my favorite things at the moment include accessories, like this great necklace, a great pair of skinny jeans and polished looking flats.

While there are certainly some trends that I don’t feel quite fit my style, I think having the ability to choose what you will wear each day is something so great. Fashion is a completely different world in which there is nothing stopping you from wearing that absurdly bright polka-dotted top that you are drawn to for some odd reason. If you even want to start going for a new look, perhaps more polished and less T-shirts and sweats, the (fashion) world is your oyster and there is no one who can stop you. NO ONE.

During our formative years our parents (primarily mothers, if we’re being honest) hold the overwhelming amount of control when it comes to what we wear. As we eventually enter into middle school, high school, university, and then take the real world by storm, our tastes and preferences change – as they do in most aspects of our lives. Breaking away from our fashions of the past is a crucial stage in development of personal style.

It has been proven that dressing well can alter our state of mind and our self-perception, as well as others’ perceptions of us! Imagine going out to lunch with a friend or going shopping. Wouldn’t you feel ten million times better wearing a cute dress and flats versus a t-shirt and baggy sweat pants? It’s no surprise that many of us would answer “yes.”

One of my greatest inspirations, Coco Chanel, is known for her famous words, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Trying new trends is imperative to finding our way in this incredible new world but, you must always remember to follow your instinct, as it will lead to the forming of an everlasting style; your mark on the fashion world, shall we say.

I am once again grateful for the opportunity to deliver you fashion tips and tricks for another few months. I hope that with a little inspiration from the fabulous Fashionistas and Fashionistos at Elon University you will take control of your own style and make it representative of who you are and no one else! Make it your own. You’ll rock it, I promise.