STYLE GURU BIO: Elisabeth Anne Boniface

January 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

“It is written, your soul is the whole world.” –Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

My name is Elisabeth Anne Boniface, and I’m a freshman in the honors program at Fordham University at Lincoln Center. I’m living the curious life of a student on the dividing line between the infinitely posh Upper West Side and the laid-back cornucopia of food and back-alley shopping that is Hell’s Kitchen. Literature is my life, style is my means, and my soul is the whole world. I live for the thrill of the train as it clatters over the Williamsburg Bridge, the bite of a winter chill on a walk back from Levain Bakery with cookies in hand, and the simplicity of a day spent reading at the Lincoln Center, watching fabulous passerby take selfies with the opera house. In short, New York consumes my life, a place where style flourishes and each soul connects with all those around. In a city of individuality juxtaposed with the inherent mainstream mentality of the masses, I’m finding myself through style and adventure.

I’m all about Fleetwood Mac, leather-on-leather ensembles, and late-night dollar pizza. You’ll hardly ever catch me without my Frends rose gold Layla headphones, a faux fur jacket, my trusty Prada cross-body bag and a bagel in hand. I spend as little time in Times Square as possible, and I live for long walks through Midtown. Somewhere between Brooklyn and Broadway, I’m writing my soul into this craziness, one outfit and one adventure at a time; this is my world, and I’m reflecting my soul through style.