STYLE GURU BIO: Denea Golden-Marable

Hello! My name is Denea Golden-Marable and I currently attend The Art Institute of Charlotte in North Carolina where I am studying Fashion Marketing. My love for fashion began when I was little. My mom used to make a lot of our clothing and it began to inspire me. I’ve always believed that what we wear has the power to transform how we feel. It’s amazing to me, how wearing an awesome pair of shoes can give you just the extra amount of confidence that you need. I grew up in Florida so I had a lot of cultural influences around me that inspired my fashion style. I would describe my fashion style as eclectic. I love the laid back vibe of bohemian style, feminine silhouettes and loud patterns. I’m a true believer in the saying “If you like it, wear it!” My fashion goals are to work in the Fashion Industry but on the marketing side. I’ve always been very interested in marketing and I can’t wait to make a career out of it.

When I’m not studying or completing assignments, I am usually exploring the beautiful city I live in. I’ve lived in Charlotte, NC for a while but the growth of this city never ceases to amaze me! I enjoy hiking, yoga and the bike rides to exercise and distress. I usually draw inspiration from nature so it’s a win-win for me. My friends and family keep me pretty grounded and push me to pursue my passions. I like to keep myself busy so I’m currently pushing myself to learn how to play the guitar.

I’m so excited to share my articles with you!