STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Smith

Hey there Fashionistas. My name is Danielle Smith. I currently am a sophomore at DePauw University with a Geology major and a Philosophy minor. This fall will be my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am not only thrilled to start my internship with some amazing people, but I am just as excited to share all the amazing styles on my campus.

I have grown up trying to look my best since I can remember. I was always the little girl in elementary school with a different color bow in her hair depending on what her mom dressed her in that day. This passion blossomed immensely when I went to high school and got inspired to be fashionable like all the cool seniors. Ever since then my style has continued to change in many unique ways and has been influenced by lots of different trends throughout the years. Some say I have a put together, classy, bohemian look, but I like to call it my own unique style.

My daily routine consists of school, golf, sorority life, hanging with friends and spending time with my lovely boyfriend. You can find me walking to class with my hair in some type of casual up-do, holding a Starbucks cup. I practice golf every day after classes, but I always have some left over time to hit the gym. My two favorite foods are snap peas and grilled cheese; but, I always love a good Blizzard from Dairy Queen to end the night. I am the type of girl who is a born adventurer who wants to travel the world. I was born in San Fransisco, but grew up in Chicago. Right now my adventure is located in Greencastle, Indiana though.

My go to items in my closet are my adidas gym shoes for a casual day of class, a little black dress for nights spend out, and of course my go to pair of my boot cut jeans that make me look like I am six feet tall (I’m actually only 5’1″ haha). I have a shoe obsession that is slowly starting to take up my entire closet and a sunglasses collection that is just as large. I take accessories very seriously so I never go anywhere without my turquoise necklace or my favorite Michael Kors watch on my wrist. I love to mix and match materials, which allows for my leather shorts to go with almost anything. People say that a lot of the clothes that I have they would never be able to pull off, but in the end anyone can pull off a gold chain as long as they wear it with confidence.

I can’t wait to show my style to all the fashionistas out there. Style is my passion so I am so excited to highlight all the fashionable people on DePauw’s campus. Here’s to a great semester.