STYLE GURU BIO: Danica Mateo

I’m Danica Mateo. I go by Dan. I’m a fashion blogger and YouTuber known as THE CITY WOLFF. Basically, I’m just a lone wolff (two W’s because wolf with one W was taken, darn them!) who is in love with the city and I’ve got a passion for styling and expressing myself through dress. For quite some time, I’ve grown up trying to conform and fit in with my peers. In high school, I’ve dealt with holding back my wardrobe just for the sake of avoiding the teasing because one day, my sweater “looks like my grandpa’s!” and another  day my striped pants “look like I’m from Beetle Juice!”

As time went on, I learned to care less and less about everyone else and care more about what I love to wear. Ever since then, I’ve never been happier. I’ve learned that I can do so much with my love for fashion, and that’s how I decided to launch my fashion style blog. I am truly passionate about documenting my own style growth as I get older and learn more about myself and my own unique style. I’m in love with street style, leather and black. If I had to describe my style, I would say that a majority of the time, I look like Michael Jackson clashed with a greaser from Grease.

I’ll be honest, my wardrobe does lack color, but I do that on purpose. I love the monochrome look and I love simple and neutral colors. My favorite part about styling an outfit is keeping a monochromatic vibe while adding a small but vibrant pop of color to spice it up. I’m all about staying simple yet chic.