Hello everyone! I am Dani Lynn, a fashion student who in her free time is a freelance photographer, blogger and YouTuber. This will be my first semester as a style guru with CollegeFashionista. I am beyond excited to be apart of the Style Guru family!

Ever since I could remember, fashion has been a major part of my life. Whether it was at the age of five and not wanting to leave the house until my outfit looked perfect, or at the age of 10 having my sketch pad and colored pencils out dreaming to be the next up-and-coming fashion designer. I’ve always loved fashion, but I knew fashion was going to be my calling at the age of eight as I flipped through my very first Vogue magazine given to me by my aunt. It was a matter of gaining the confidence to actually pursue a career in the fashion industry and gaining the confidence to freely express myself through the way I dress. With the help and encouragement of YouTube videos, fashion bloggers and other fashion outlets I learned that it was ok to dress the way you want; and it was ok if certain people didn’t understand it. There was no looking back from then on.

I am currently studying Fashion Merchandising and Public Relations at the University of South Carolina, where you will find me dressed head to toe in black majority of the time and in some bootie of some sort. I’m grateful enough to be able to combine the majority of my passions by working with CollegeFashionista. I can’t wait to give you all fashion advice, and showcase some of Columbia’s most stylish Fashionistas/os. Though we are far from major fashion capitals, Columbia is definitely a fashionable capital. Remember to stop by every Thursday to check out my post of University of South Carolina’s chicest Fashionistas/os.