STYLE GURU BIO: Dana Durante

Hello everyone! I am Dana Durante. Since the start of high school, my love for fashion has evolved into more than just a hobby. I have been incredibly impressed with the many entrepreneurs who became globally successful after releasing their new collections year after year. Though I tend to be quite shy when I first meet people, fashion is always a constant way to express myself. It takes no introduction to prove my personality and passion for the world of fashion. I live for extravagant events that push me to wear exciting outfits that I would not normally throw together on a school day. This year, I will start as a freshman at Illinois State University. I am majoring in Public Relations and hope to work for a fashion company or musical artist in the future.

The fact that I am about five feet tall affects the way I style myself. It can be difficult sometimes to find hot trends like maxi skirts or shirt dresses that fit me the way they do others, but it forces me to be even more outgoing. I have come to find that the current trend of denim skirts was made for me. Okay, maybe not, but I would like to think so. If I am in doubt of what to wear one day, I make a beeline to my denim A-line skirt. It is one of the most versatile purchases I have made in a while. Though my exact skirt is not sold any more, this one from Topshop petite is very similar!

Today, I chose to dress it down with a simple grey V-neck shirt. My current obsession with marble clearly influenced my choice of jewelry today. When I spotted this gold triangle necklace on sale, I knew I could not pass it by. The grey in the marble design matched perfectly with my T-shirt. To help give me a bit of height, I grabbed my trusty black heeled ankle boots.

My style changes everyday by the way I am feeling. I have never been stuck on one type of style. When I am feeling more of a festival/bohemian vibe, I switch my top out with an off-the-shoulder white lace crop top. If I am feeling more edgy, I will pop on some deep red lipstick and a moto jacket.

I cannot describe my excitement to find my fellow fashion lovers on campus this semester! Until next time!