STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney Moore

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Courtney Moore. I’m a junior at The University of North Alabama, in Florence, Alabama. I am a merchandising major with a minor in art. I’m from a small town in northern Alabama called Albertville. I enjoy living in Florence, Alabama, because it has a unique, artsy culture. Fashion is a huge part of my life and I am inspired everyday. I love fashion because it gives me a way to express myself. There are no rules or limits to what you can do with fashion. My personal style changes from day-to-day depending on how I feel or how I want to be viewed on that specific day. My best days are when I am rushed and only have time to throw together random pieces. I think my creativity thrives when I am under pressure because it isn’t over-thought; it is raw fashion. Here I am wearing boyfriend jeans, a semi-masculine sweater, cutout booties and a floral scarf.

When I graduate from UNA in the spring of 2017, I hope to be prepared for a career in the world of fashion. Right now, I do not have an exact idea of the career I want. I’m hoping to find it along the way with different experiences. I would love to mold a career that allows me to follow my love of helping people along with my love for fashion. Really, I just want to bring back TLC’s What Not to Wear and follow out my dream of being Stacy London. More than anything though, I want to end up in New York City surrounded by all kinds of creative voices and outlets.

I’m excited to begin this journey as a Style Guru and to get to see other Style Gurus from across the country!