STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney Macphee

Hi everyone! My name is Courtney Macphee but, my friends and family just call me Court. I am currently a freshman at Kent State University and my major is fashion merchandising. I am incredibly excited to start my internship with CollegeFashionista! I am from Youngstown, Ohio and Kent State University’s fashion program was always my dream to attend. I live 30 minutes from Kent and I commute four days out of the week. After graduation, I hope to work in the fashion industry as a buyer for a high end clothing or shoe line. My interest and love for fashion started when I was really little probably around the age of 10. I was always watching Project Runway, playing dress up and going to the local thrift shop to find clothes that were unique and different from everybody else. Even now at 18 years old, you can always catch me trying to help pick out my friends’ clothes or to get my younger sister to expand her fashion taste with some pieces from my closet.

My style now is pretty much all over the place and varies day by day. Some days I am feeling sporty and want to wear cute leggings and a workout tank. Other days you can find me in a pretty romper with fun, strappy sandals and an oversized purse. This outfit is inspired by my love for leggings. Leggings can go with pretty much everything and with back to school styles, I figured what better way to be stylish and comfortable on campus? The camouflage jacket is extremely versatile and can be taken off and on depending on the weather outside and in class. Underneath the jacket is a gray knit crop top paired with simple black leggings with black and gold sandals to give the look just a small pop of color. The outfit looks and feels great with or without the jacket and I think camouflage print is going to be back in style this fall. This outfit is perfect for a school day, brunch or even a date to the movies. Gold accessories will pair nicely with this outfit and it makes for a great fall look.