STYLE GURU BIO: Claudine Barosy

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter has finally arrived but that doesn’t mean fashion forward outfits are out the door. The cold weather bring out more creative looks. Black is extremely versatile and can be paired with just about anything. Black and white is always a classic pair that never fails.

Just because it’s a little chiller than before doesn’t mean you have a put your skirts away to hibernate. Thankfully it hasn’t been too cold this winter in New York City so you can still wear your summer gear with a few tweaks and not freeze. I decided to wear a black pleated skirt and a white Céline T-shirt to make the skirt pop. Being from the big apple, its a habit to always want to stand out from the crowd. My pearl statement necklace takes my outfit to the next level adding a classy feel to my attire. Before I step out and hit the pavement I added some gray stockings with the black accent to tie back to my base color of black. I finished off my ensemble with black Tory Burch boots and a black leather jacket.

My favorite part of this outfit is the detail in the leather jacket. I added metal stars and circular studs to give my biker jacket a heavy metal feel. Whenever I buy something basic I try to jazz it up and make it different. I have worn glasses for years and the simple metal frames are boring. My extra large frames help make the hassle of wearing glasses more exciting and fashion-forward. This outfit has several small pieces that intertwine into a fabulous masterpiece.