Hi there, Fashionistas/os! I am Cindy Lu, a first-year Journalism major and Business minor from the University of Florida. I am originally from Da Nang, Vietnam and moved to the United States at the age of three. After living in two states and three cities, I moved to the Tampa Bay Area, where I reside when I am not attending school in Gainesville.

Although my sense of style may have changed just a little–okay, a lot!–from my middle school days, it was in the sixth grade when my love for fashion emerged. It was the first time I began picking out my own clothes (sorry, mom) and coordinating outfits. From there, my style evolution has been quite the journey.

Currently, my closest has a little bit of everything: plaid shirts, combat boots, mini skirts, leather jackets and graphic tank tops. My obsessions at the moment are boho dresses, nude lipsticks, joggers and layered necklaces. I do not like to confine my style to a single definition; it is simply whatever–and whoever–I want to be on a certain day.

As an avid writer, I combined by passion for journalism and fashion to create a niche in lifestyle reporting. I aspire to carry this into a career in the entertainment industry; my ultimate goal is to write for Vogue or serve as a public relations specialist for a fashion corporation.

Outside of journalism and shopping, my interests include colorguard, photography, traveling, social media, baking and participating in various campus organizations. A fun fact about me that I have to share with absolutely everyone is that I do not eat green vegetables.

Go Gata!