STYLE GURU BIO: Christina D'Ambrosio

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi everyone! My name is Christina D’Ambrosio. I am a freshman at Fordham University, pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and I am beyond thrilled. I am so eager to share the incredible style on display at Fordham with you each Monday.

I have always considered fashion to be a huge part of my day-to-day life, but as of recent years, my passion has grown immensely. Growing up, I can remember religiously watching America’s Next Top Model, using the show as my peek into the industry. The near-obsession got to the point where my sister and I would practice our best model face in the bathroom mirror before bedtime… that’s when you know. Through watching the show, I found excitement in the fast pace of the fashion world. From the gorgeous clothes to the extreme hair and makeup, I was hooked.

Knowing I would never be crowned “America’s Next Top Model”— disappointing, truly — I decided there had to be another way in. To take control of my future, I started by re-evaluating my personal style. In my early high school days, I was known for graphic tees with brand names splattered across them (literally though, paint splatter was so awesome…was it not?) Thankfully, I had a style epiphany during my sophomore year. I finally took my mother’s advice and traded my branded looks for more mature, fashion-forward pieces. From then on, I noticed a change in my outlook on not only fashion, but also myself. I felt more confident wearing clothes that did not define me based on the brands being displayed. Instead, I began expressing myself through interesting pieces and their individual contributions to an outfit. The importance of dressing for no one other than myself is something I use as a mantra in my personal style to this day.

What I wear is a day-to-day wild card, ranging anywhere from preppy to grunge. I am a firm believer in “black is the new black,” and love to add a little flair with various textures and patterns. As for specific favorites, I could go on for hours. To name a few, though, Free People and Topshop have my heart. I am also a sucker for A-line skirts, dark lipstick and all things plaid.

Moving to New York made a huge impact on my fashion sense, and the way I see fashion as a whole. Being surrounded by so many stylish people at once is beyond invigorating. I have noticed that people at Fordham and around the city use fashion to express themselves, and are inspired by others doing the same. This environment is conducive to exploring my own personal style, and I am so excited to continue to be inspired by the city that never sleeps. CollegeFashionista has given me such a great opportunity to share Fordham’s fashion with you, and I can’t wait to start the semester!