STYLE GURU BIO: Chelsea Young

Hey guys, Chelsea here and I’m so excited to start my second semester as a Style Guru! This fall I will be returning to New York City for my sophomore year at Pace University. I can’t wait to continue my role as a Style Guru and share my love for fashion with everyone!

When my first semester at CollegeFashionista began, I started to think about my personal style and how to define it. Three months later and I can honestly say I am no closer to defining my style than I was at the beginning of June. However I don’t think this is a bad thing. For me, the best part about fashion is how big of a world it is. So when I am looking for inspiration I look at a broad range of stylist, designers, celebrities, bloggers and ordinary people. From there I take ideas that I loved and use them to create my own personal look. So instead of trying to pinpoint one specific style for myself, I want to continue to let all corners of the fashion world influence me and hopefully I will start to have an influence on it as well.

This semester is going to be great because not only is it my favorite season for fashion, but I’ll be back in the city! My goal this fall as a Style Guru, is to capture all the different types of street style in the city and share them with everyone. Street style has always been my absolute favorite and New York street style is a whole different world. My first time living in the city had a major influence on my personal style and I noticed that it did the same for many other people. I hope my articles are able to influence Fashionistas the way that New York influenced me.