STYLE GURU BIO: Chantelle Polite

High-maintenance, vain and bourgeois. Of these words used by family and friends to describe me over the years, I transformed from something negative and used positively to my advantage. I’m from a small town in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. where art and culture are a large part of the lifestyle in the area. Between art and culture, style falls heavily between those two in Northern Virginia.

For me, simplicity is key and less is always more when it comes to my style preference. I’m a fan of most conventional pieces like the classic, black leather jacket that you need in your closet for every winter and fall season, the fitted black pencil skirt and matching white top for the church girl and the time-honored jean jacket to throw on in the cooler months. I’m a fan of anything that looks good, however, I always find myself grabbing for basic, traditional pieces for my wardrobe. My look here is simplistically styled with a denim tunic, cropped white pants, topped off with my favorite accessories to give the outfit a little something more—a neon cross-body bag and a gold stainless steel watch.

I’m a senior at Norfolk State University majoring in Journalism. I have a huge passion for writing and telling stories that I believe should be told for the world to learn from. Art and creativity are both a large part of my life where I’m from, so I wanted to make a career out of journalism paralleled with the type of art that I’m most familiar with: fashion.

To me, fashion is more than a love for cute clothing and the best makeup a girl can own. It is a bridge that fills the gap between so many diversities. It is a timeline, a connector, an identifier with so many pioneers behind its being that have stories that should be told. I love how someone like Kristen Stewart can receive mountains of negative criticism for her looks and acting yet pop up and become the new face of Chanel.

I’m looking forward to telling the stories and showcasing the fashion of the Fashionista/os around me on my university’s campus as well as for a wonderful semester.