STYLE GURU BIO: Chandler Owen

Hey there, fellow Fashionistas/os!

I’m Chandler Owen, a junior at Ferris State University. I major in Public Relations and Music Industry Management with a minor in English Literature. This is my first semester as a Style Guru! I’m so excited to share my style and motivate others to explore their passions and develop their fashion.

My passion? Music. The Velvet Underground expresses it best when Lou Reed sings, “you know her life was saved by rock and roll.” The scene awakened creativity and individuality in my life, and I feel forever indebted to music for shaping who I am today. My fashion reflects my passion, so how do I define my style? It’s too eclectic to be labeled, yet I’ve often been called out as a ‘grungy Stevie Nicks.’ I’ll definitely take that compliment! I gather inspiration from killer rock babes across the decades. From Janis Joplin to David Bowie to Courtney Love to Slash; I like to think my wardrobe covers all spectrums.

So what’s going on here? This is my go-to outfit for the autumn season. You can never go wrong with a long tailed button-down – especially when the color is a perfect reflection of fall’s natural hue. I paired it with a flowing cream scarf to call forth my inner Stevie. Silver is my jam, so I dropped a few subtle hints throughout the outfit. My absolute favorite silver accessories are my Brighton anklet and my Vestopazzo bracelet. Finally, I threw on my trusty tan suede booties to tie it all together—a staple in any fall fashion closet. This is my quintessential outfit for autumn events. Going to a concert? Jazz it up with heavy makeup, a graphic tee and chunky jewels. Have a hot date at the pumpkin patch? Stay toasty yet fashion-forward by adding a vintage vest and a slouch beanie. Start with my style, mix in your magic, and art is born.

Personal style is an art form. Andy Warhol, my undying muse, taught us that: “art is what you can get away with.” This has become my fashion mantra. Trends and fads are fine at times, but style is what comes from within. I want to inspire my fellow Fashionistas/os to throw on some vinyl, find your vibe, and have a rad semester!