STYLE GURU BIO: Cece Sjoquist

Hello, my fashionable friends! My name is Cece Sjoquist and I am a junior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. I am currently studying fashion retail merchandising with minors in management and design. I am one of the lucky ones, because I have always known that I wanted to study and someday have a career in the fashion industry, so my choice was super easy!

When I was little kid, I would not leave the house if I wasn’t dressed to impress! I always wore dresses with my hair up in a bow, and my doll and I dressed almost identical. I was quite the girly-girl! A lot has changed since my youth. I don’t always wear dresses or carry around my dolls, and I evolved from cutesy and girly, to classic and chic!

I am in a bit of a style transition right now… I am trying to create a base wardrobe, with the occasional trend item here and there. I definitely stick to more neutral colors and I am notoriously known for wearing all black, but hey, who says that’s a bad thing?! Clearly in this look though I was trying to step away from my comfort zone and go a sporty all white pant suit with my favorite pair of Steve Madden sandals! On top of that, I have not always been the one to wear jewelry on a daily basis, but this summer I have been working with a Minnesota local jewelry company called Realia by Jen, and now I accessorize everything! These bracelets are perfect for stacking and add a little extra jazz to the overall look.

Beyond clothes, I have always thought of fashion as a way of expression and creativity. It energizes me to see each person’s individuality through what they wear and how they present themselves. Everyone is so different! I am so excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista this semester and to be inspired by the fashion I see everyday here at the University of Minnesota! I hope I can inspire all of you as well!