STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Regan

Hi Fashionistas/os! I’m Cassidy Regan, but you can call me Cass. I am so glad to be back at CollegeFashionista for my third time as a style guru. In the beginning, it never really crossed my mind to intern for CollegeFashionista. I mean, I love fashion and taking photos but writing was always a drag. After writing multiple articles I could proudly say I love to write. Not only that but through CollegeFashionista I have built confidence I really didn’t know I had in myself. I used to focus a lot on what others thought of my outfits and their opinions but now I don’t mind them. I wear what I want, when I want.

Currently, I still attend Middlesex County Community College as a sophomore and am majoring in liberal arts general. Since it’s a community college I really get inspired by the outfits people walk around in from towns all over New Jersey. It’s still my dream and hope to transfer to FIT in New York City to further study photography. I really want to do something in the photography world because photos speak to me. Photography is like a language. On a scale photography maybe easy, medium or hard but what you do with it tells a story.

Fashion has always been in my blood. Whenever my friends need styling help or fashion advice they always come to me. I’m the go to girl for fashion. Obviously that’s a fact, my mom even calls me “Miss Fashionista.” When it comes to fashion I really don’t have a certain style but when it comes to outfits I focus on how I feel in them.

What I’ve been wearing a lot recently are sneakers. I feel I have been slowly becoming a sneaker-head or trying to be one. I could tell the difference between sneakers now and my small sneaker collection is becoming bigger. My friend told me about these ZX slip-on adidas sneakers and I had to get them. These sneakers, if you know sneakers, makes one think of Y3’s or even Yeezy’s. The comfort level to these sneakers is an extreme and Adidas did a fabulous job. Plus, come on, they look so cool! I paired these sneakers with a adidas Space shifter tee. It gives a sport varsity shirt vibe but in the sun the red shiny sleeve part glows. Finally, I ended my outfit with some boyfriend jeans.

I am so excited for my third journey at CollegeFashionista! Keep checking back to see articles by me. Looking forward to a RAD semester!