STYLE GURU BIO: Casey Becker

Hello gorgeous! My name is Casey Becker and I’m a freshman at USC in Los Angeles, CA. I’ll let you know what I’m majoring in as soon as I figure out, but for now I’m exploring everything this wonderful school has to offer. This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I’m stoked to share my perspective on campus style and my personal tastes with the world.

I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a girl watching my mom get ready for work, but I had a school uniform for most of my life. The new freedom to dress how I choose has ushered me into the world of separates and street style. I would describe my fall style as “I’m mad at my parents,” and my spring style as “I only eat organic kale,” both with a touch of “I go to music festivals on weekends.” My guiltiest style pleasure is my Yankees cap, worn backwards and way too often.

I’m a New Yorker at heart, so nothing makes my heart sing like the perfect leather jacket. However, my high school years living in Florida definitely affected my style, resulting in a closet full of floral rompers that seem to multiply by themselves. Although I’ve only been living in California for a few months, I’m already embracing the west coast trends of the moment i.e. knit crops and shredded denim.

This season, I’m all about skirts. They make an outfit flirtier than shorts and a boost of formality without needing heels. Plus, they give you the flexibility to create an outfit around them. I try to stay away from too much black in an outfit because I think it’s too easy. I prefer the challenge of mixing and matching prints and textures to find a unique outfit. Oh and if it’s dark red—I must have it. Here I’ve spiced up this fall look with a pendant necklace handmade by a friend.

I believe fashion is meant to be fun. Clothes should be an opportunity for experimentation and self expression, not a wall or image to hide behind. While I love a sparkly dress as much—make that more than—the next girl, I will still run to the grocery store in sweats and a bun. My favorite accessories are confidence and a sense of humor. To me, money can buy you clothes but there’s no price tag on great style. I’m a firm believer that loving your look means you will look good, which leads to feeling good, which leads to doing good.

I can’t wait to open my closet and mind to you all. Keep checking back each month for new posts about how Trojans are staying stylish and how I’m mixing up my wardrobe. Style and fight on!