STYLE GURU BIO: Carly Sullivan

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

I laid in my floral wrap top thinking about all of the things in which I could include in this semester’s bio. I thought about the books I have read, the music that I listen to, the artists that I admire and about the things that make me love writing.

However, as I contemplated the things that would fit this article’s requirements, I began to contemplate life, something that I’m sure we all love thinking about (queue sarcasm). Naturally, a succession of questions flooded my mind forcing me to think about past decisions, present actions and future plans.  A sea of ideas, thoughts and frustrations met up and urged me to rethink things I had once thought were solid plans.  I revisited my plan to potentially go into the fashion industry, my desire to continue to attend Loyola and even my admiration for the city of Chicago.

It’s mental how many thoughts can run through one’s mind within a 60 second time span.  It’s dumb, annoying, absurd, exasperating and can sometimes even provoke a numbing sensation.  However, something about all of this made me think of the ways in which others think and even act in relation to their thoughts, I realized why I’m inclined to write and why I choose to write for CollegeFashionista.  This reason being that I have the ability to change the way in which people think, act and dress.  Although you don’t know what my voice sounds like or the ways that my Chicago accent shines through when pronouncing certain vowels, you can still interpret the phrases and notions that I formulate in your own way.

While writing gives one this power, so does fashion, and this is why I have a deep admiration for these two art forms.  Marc Jacobs can make a color-blocked sweater and envision it to be worn one way while his customer can wear it another way.  I can say that wearing sunglasses at night makes one look like a narcissist, which can be read as a negative jab, but maybe I think narcissists are pretty darn cool (I don’t, but you get the point).

So, I guess besides the reasons as to why I love writing, I should probably also tell you that I like taking public transportation, listening to Duke Ellington and Kendrick Lamar, the red leather seats on the Metra train over the blue ones, Valentino, Jeffrey Campbell, Jose Cuervo and high-waisted jeans.