STYLE GURU BIO: Caitlin Quill

Hey ladies! I’m Caitlin Quill and this is my second semester being a Style Guru. I’m from New Jersey and I’ve gone  to school in Chicago for the last two years. This year I will be going to school in Cork, Ireland. I leave in about a week and I cannot wait to show you guys all the trends that I see while living abroad and while traveling around Europe. Fashion trends are so interesting in other countries because they are all different and I can’t wait to indulge myself in the in all these new experiences.

Some of the things that I love are aesthetically pleasing restaurants, good coffee shops, tea and movies; just to name a few. Honestly I think I love anything that involves spending money that I don’t have. Now that we are going into the fall and colder weather you will catch me in my absolute element. Fall and winter are the times when it is socially expectable to wear only black. I struggle with this during the summer. My style consists of black ripped jeans, mom jeans, leather jackets and trying to add some kind of quirk to make my outfits standout. For me it is important to try to find little ways to make my outfits different if it means adding a funky pair of shoes, statement accessories or a quirky print–it keeps life interesting.

I’m so excited to be sharing all of my styling escapades with you guys this semester and also my adventures while living abroad for the year. I’m so excited to experience new things. Wish me luck!