STYLE GURU BIO: Bridget Smith

Author Stephanie Perkins wrote in her book, Lola and the Boy Next Door: “I don’t believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be same person every day.”

Hello to all! My name is Bridget Smith and I am a senior at SUNY New Paltz presently studying English and Creative Writing. I love stand-up comedy, rainy days and body pillows. Uniforms have been a consistent, dominating force in my life thus far, and I feel that this definitely has an impact on my sense of style. For example, after eight years of Catholic school, it is basically a guarantee that you will not find me in maroon or knee-high socks, though I have been thinking of giving culottes another chance ever since seeing their recent spike in popularity!

If I had to label it, I suppose I would say my style is eclectic. I have five siblings, four of which are sisters, so clothing is never sparse in my household. My sisters’ styles are as different as they are (one is very casual, one very bohemian, one very preppy and one very sporty) and I feel I am a conglomerate of all of those things. As a commuter, I am usually on the go from school to work to home; I frequently look for clothing that is easy to get in and out of, but still are complete outfits in themselves. I love dresses, rompers and scarves, though a leggings and sweater combination is where I truly thrive.

Perhaps my favorite part of getting assembled for the day is jewelry, which I can never get enough of. Silver rings with beautiful stones are my favorite, though I am always on the hunt for new necklaces (like the Aventurine piece I picked up in Boston two weeks ago.

In this photo, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses that I purchased from Forever21. The fabric is thin and very flowy, and though there is a lot of it, the dress is light enough that I can wear the long sleeves in the summer without feeling too hot. On my feet are my go-to Converse. Not only are they perfect for days in which I’m walking around a lot, but they add a casual vibe to what could be a more formal outfit.

I’ve never really given my personal style quite an analysis before, but I’m looking forward to doing so and learning more about myself in the process. Here’s to the journey!