STYLE GURU BIO: Briana Lewis

I grew up in Miami, Florida and have lived there all my life until I moved to Tallahassee for college. I’m an only child so I tend to be kind of spoiled and comfortable being alone or independent. I just turned 21 and I’m very excited about that!

I am an editing, writing and media English major. My career goal would be to be a fashion editor or writer for a major fashion magazine like Vogue or to be a stylists in the fashion industry. I enjoy fashion and shopping and high in companies. Fashion is like a hobby for me but I have been building to make it be a part of my career. I’ve always been interested in fashion and celebrity styles and high in fashion and the red carpets, etc.

I’m really big on television watching, but what most people call “bad television”, like the reality shows such as the Real Housewives shows and the Kardashians. I love shows like that. I don’t know how to drive but I’m working on it. I enjoy doing make up and working with it and I am pretty good at and I have a large collection of make up. I love hanging out with my friends and going on little excursions around Tally with them.

I am a part of Diverse World Fashion on campus which is a student run fashion magazine. I enjoy hanging with my friends who are also a part of the magazine because we have similar ideas and future goals and we work with each other to build our portfolios. Two of my friends on the magazine and I often have mini photo shoots to help my friend that wants to be a photographer and I get to practice styling and creating concepts and we have fun. My favorite food is tacos even though all junk food is my favorite food. Over this next year, I hope to gain a lot more knowledge in my field and become a better writer and learn about all the opportunities there is in the editing, writing and media field.