STYLE GURU BIO: Bre Anderson

If you’re reading this it most likely means my style has caught your eye. Yay! So thank you beautiful Fashionistas/os for checking out my page! My name is Bre and I am a LA native studying fashion design and fashion merchandising at Santa Monica College. I consider myself an adamant do-it-yourselfer, constant home improver, self-proclaimed restaurant critic, a photojournalist, food stylist and a thrill seeker.

I live for all things creative. I dive head first into fashion and style. These things make up most of my day. I wake up and the first thing on my mind is how can I translate how I feel today and my mood into what I wear. I choose an outfit that complements my day. I go to school to study fashion. I go to work as a stylist. I go home and create a piece of art, photography, interior design or whatever is creatively at task for the day and blog about it all before I go to bed. These are the things that excite me.

When it comes to my own personal style everything is put into factor. I have no particular style. If I wake up on a beautiful spring morning, the sun is bright and birds are chirping, I just may feel like a free spirit, so I’ll put flowers in my hair and stack on the jewelry, dress in wind catching the drapery and call myself a flower child. One day I’ll go for a minimalism look with neutral colors and basic silhouettes. I am also a fan of classic ’50s style, vintage and thrifted finds. So I have no particular style, I love aspects of every style which is why am so in love with fashion.