STYLE GURU BIO: Becca Calloway

Hi there! My name is Rebecca Calloway (people call me Becca), and I am a communications major and Spanish minor at Washington State University. My mom always tells me that I am the most stylish person she knows, and that always makes me smile, because of how much passion I have for fashion, and I wanted to share it with all of you through my bio!

Before wanting to become a communications major I planned to be an English major, because I love to write as much as I love communicating with people. I still take as many English classes as I can while staying on track with my major/minor credits. I was a Running Start student in high school and received my Associate of Arts and Science when I graduated high school, so I plan to receive my bachelor’s degree in two years.

I grew up on a farm and when I go home from college, that is where home is. Not much fashion comes from a small town like mine, so I learned by myself. I modeled for a while in my junior high/high school years and that put a lens on what fashion is all about. I learned quickly that I did not like modeling, but my eyes opened to a world of unique and compelling trends constantly developing and thriving.

I have always been a simple girl—nothing too fancy (but without looking like I just got out of bed). This is actually third day hair created by touching it up daily in a few places with my Revlon wand and spraying it well with level one hair spray so my hair doesn’t become too sticky.

For as long as I can remember I have been head over heels for destroyed jeans. They give you that hobo look in an instant. Oversize sweaters are my favorite fashion trend. They look good with nearly anything while keeping it classy. My shawl I use for layering in the winter, as you can see, is quite soft. I go with minimal jewelry on most occasions, so I paired this outfit with my simple cross necklace and intertwined bracelet. My last piece—my white Adidas sneakers literally go with everything, and I wear them all the time. They are like walking on clouds.

Make sure to follow me on all of my social media, and I’ll make sure to send some love to you all!