STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Reyes

August 29th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Reyes

Hey there! My name is Bailey, and I am currently a sophomore at Moravian College. I switched my major this past summer from nursing to follow my passion for design and the fashion industry. I now am a double major in business management and graphic design. Within this year I was lucky enough to land a job working for kate spade, a company I would love to work in corporate for one day.

One of the things I firmly believe in is that anything is possible with a good cup of a coffee and a cute outfit! It is more or less my life motto. I am passionate about blogging as I have experience writing for my own blog and am so grateful to be able to write on a bigger platform for CollegeFashionista. One of the things I adore so much about fashion is the diversity in it. Fashion is all about expression whether it be your overall personality or just your mood that day. I truly feel since that we all have so many sides to us that it only makes sense to switch up our outfit styles/trends on a day-to-day basis! Your style tells the world more about you than words can. My personal style encompasses all the aspects   that makes me, me. I go from the preppy-girly side, to the occasionally edgy-sassy look, to even sporty-chic. My personal favorite style piece is jewelry. For me a girls best friend is not a diamond, but a gorgeous chunky necklace, intricate rings, or some unique stackable bracelets.

For this look I kept it simple with the pieces. I paired a loose blue sun dress from American Eagle Outfitters with a white lacey bralette from aerie. One of my rules is to always pull your shoe color from whatever pop of color is closest to your face. This allows the piece to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye from head to toe. Since my bralette doubled as an accessory I kept my necklace choice as dainty as I could choosing a thin gold necklace with a single crystal in the center. My oversized diamond earrings added some dimension to the simplicity of my look since my hair is more casually styled back in one of the past trends recently brought back, a scrunchie. To complete my outfit I chose my off-white kate spade purse to signify the white accent color for my outfit.

Keep checking back for more posts of fashion finds and tips I adore around my campus! Xoxo.