STYLE GURU BIO: Avanti Dalal

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi, I’m Avanti and I’m still enamoured with the romance of travel, stories, food and fashion. I’m still an ardent fan of handwritten letters and vintage typewriters. New York is still my favourite place in the world, and I haven’t stopped trying to find the one perfect pair of jeans. While it seems like so much has stayed the same over time, change has been more of a constant than anything else.

Making these transitions as seamless as possible has come to be an important goal this semester. In life, as in fashion, trends are cyclical. The more things come and go, the more opinions form, and the more things stay the same. Personal style tends to evolve with this change, and mine certainly did. I still have go-to’s; those mainstays that are a constant reminder of the person I’m dressing to be. But now I have pieces that are printed, detailed and embellished which serve as a contrast to the principally feminine-preppy ensembles that dominated my wardrobe.

Since starting at CollegeFashionista, perfecting the approach, photographing people, interviewing some and writing and researching trends has become a weekly routine. While the process is similar, the context has changed with time.  This spring, I’m looking forward to seeing the seasons change. I’m excited to people-watch with the goal of finding the perfect muse for a post, and to keep searching for my jeans. I’m also looking forward to open-mindedly embrace all the adaptations, improvements and remodels that occur in my wardrobe, and otherwise.