STYLE GURU BIO: Autumn Booker

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello everyone! My name is Autumn Booker and I’m very thrilled to be a part of the CollegeFashionista family! I’m currently a Junior at Wayne State University and I’m majoring in Fashion Design. I aspire to work in the fashion industry as an assistant designer for a big fashion company and eventually become a celebrity stylist. My love for fashion grew when I started watching America’s Next Top Model cycle three, remembering Eva Pigford being the winner.

The feeling of getting asked for fashion advice from my friends and asked to help them pick out an outfit for certain occasions is inspiring. My family and friends inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and be fashionably late to everything—literally! When it comes to my style, anyone can determine my personality. Depending on my mood for the day, I may go with a chic look, laid back casual look or even a cute tomboy type of style. I buy my clothes and accessories based on what I believe will match my personality and what doesn’t look like everyone else. Earth tone and nude colors embrace my natural beauty.

The outfit that I am wearing is a way to describe my personality, and a very sexy chic look that can be worn for a girl’s day out or even if you want to look stylish on your college campus. I paired my burgundy bandeau with my favorite patterned black and white blazer that would make the bandeau pop out more. The main attraction of this look would have to be my destroyed boyfriend jeans and being topped off with my black white faux leather ankle strap heels that goes perfect with my unique blazer. I styled this look with a burgundy nail polish for my toes to match my bandeau.

I hope you got a glimpse of my style and personality as a Michigan girl. I’m very thankful to be a part of this great opportunity to share my taste of style. I hope that you enjoy my blogs just as much as i enjoy sharing them.