STYLE GURU BIO: Anna Marrone

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Anna Marrone and I’m an 18-year-old Venezuelan majoring in Marketing Communications at Emerson College in Boston. After spending the first portion of my pocket money at the Airport’s kiosks every time I arrived at a new destination buying Vogue or ELLE’s latest issues, I knew that following fashion trends and closely observing the components of an outfit was a passion I wanted to pursue.

However, my passion for high-end fashion was further enhanced after my first visit to New York City. I felt a mix of emotions. The lights, the people, the history! It was intimidating, glamorous and exciting. There were so many flashing lights, so many people and so many captivating images; but what impressed me the most were several blue and red Pepsi advertisements featuring Sofia Vergara. She looked impeccable, flawless. She was wearing a fancy bright blue sunhat with a fitted, same-blue dress and provocative red lips. It stunned me to see how much two pieces of clothing could embellish a scene to such a great extent.

After this trip to New York City, I had returned at least twice every year to stroll down Fifth Avenue and indulge myself into the world of fashion, making Saks Fifth Avenue my first stop every time. Even if it’s window-shopping, learning about the fashion trends of the season and the high end brands’ fashion statements is a thirst I have to quench.

I don’t mean to be abrupt, but Venezuela is a two-season country in which there is only the dry and wet season. However, it is always warm and sunny. After taking the big step to decide I would move to Boston after high school graduation, I knew that I would have to explore and adopt a new style I had never experienced before: the seasons trends. This excites me because I will be able to share my experience discovering my Bostonian style, including following fall, winter and spring fashion trends.

As an Emerson College student, I can confidently say that there is no college more stylish than mine. Students at Emerson are not afraid to express their feelings and opinions through fashion, which keeps me motivated and looking forward to finding voguish and chic Fashionistas/os around my downtown Boston area.

As for myself, I can confidently say that I adore the classy-chic style. I might sometimes implement the boho-chic or the “girl next door” style in daily occasions where I am comfortable wearing boyfriend jeans, cool jackets or platform sandals. Nevertheless, I am always down for a glamorous and sophisticated look. As a matter of fact, my fashion icon consists of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. What could ever get classier than that?

So, let’s see how can I pull off a classy and sophisticated style relying on the winter and spring fashion trends this CollegeFashionista semester! Thanks for this opportunity and I hope we have a lot to fashionably explore!