STYLE GURU BIO: Anisha Patel

Hi guys! My name is Anisha Patel, and I am a student at Parsons School of Design. I am currently a junior studying marketing, with a minor in fashion illustration.

Since age six, I always had a passion for art, design and everything that involved fashion. Along with my passion for fashion, I have always loved traveling and cooking. Coming from a cultured background it is important for me to pull inspiration from the American culture that surrounds me. My primary lens as a Fashionista is my family and Indian heritage. It is this push and pull between my American and Indian side that I believe gives me a unique aesthetic in fashion. It is this process of straddling these two rich worlds of color and freedom, form and tradition that drives my passion to be diverse in my career.

Fashion is a walking canvas. The personal expression, diverse style and sophistication that come from fashion are the primary reasons I love to style looks and give fashion advice. After moving to New York City, it has opened my eyes to trends that range from classic to crazy. I think having the ability to mix up your day to day style is what makes getting ready in the morning so fun! Every occasion calls for the perfect outfit, and for me, those occasions are my runway. It is my chance to show who I am, to be confident and have fun.

I am looking forward to this semester and sharing my style tips with you!