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STYLE GURU BIO: Andrew Jackson

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Another year, another semester, another goal and another STYLE GURU BIO.

This being my third STYLE GURU BIO, I am very excited to be on another journey with the amazing and fantastic CollegeFashionista. Only this time I will partake in launching the new series—THE GUYS. It’s been so difficult to keep my mouth shut about this project, as I am so excited and filled with glee to partake in something so fun and amazing! With that being said, I am very happy that this vision has come alive. From forming the team to making sure all of the guys were all set, this has been a very eye-opening and fun experience into what the CollegeFashionista team does on a daily basis.

I will be a man of many hats once again, as previous to my efforts before with CollegeFashionista. THE GUYS will have such a new and fun twist to it, giving you a more unique and bold feel. From grooming to fashion, THE GUYS will definitely give you more than enough to love about us, as the group is varied and has so much potential.

Alongside THE GUYS, I hope to know every each and one of you too, so that we all can get acquainted and share an amazing bond! I have already made so many great friendships through CollegeFashionista, and have felt these bonds grow closer with the love of this platform. I hope you guys feel what I have experienced too, as this is a very unique and fun internship. Make sure you are giving it your all, as it will be great in the long run.

As for my style this winter, I am keeping it very neutral toned, but very chic to keep everyone wide-eyed. Here, I am wearing very minimal colors for the winter, as I don’t want to be too vibrant in very dull scenery. I am obsessed with my camel-colored overcoat, and had to pull it out for the masses. Blending that in with my cream turtleneck, you’ll have an amazing tone combination to balance it all out. To make the look a bit more simple, I threw on my gray Ludlow wool suit from J.Crew, my new New Balance M996 sneakers and a gray baseball cap to make it even more fantastic top to bottom.

Once again, I am very excited to start this new journey with CollegeFashionista, and I hope you Fashionistas and Fashionistos love THE GUYS, too!