STYLE GURU BIO: Ana Martinez-Ortiz

I am Ana Martinez-Ortiz and I’m a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista! I am very excited to be dipping my toe into the world of fashion and style this semester, and I hope that I can help some of you find your own unique look that matches your lifestyle and tastes. I am a senior at University of Wisconson-Milwaukee, home of the Panthers, where I study Spanish and journalism. My goal is to combine the two and find a career that allows me to utilize both of my majors and allow me to travel.

Growing up I had a horrible sense of style. I once insisted on wearing polka dot leggings with a striped shirt because it was my birthday, despite the fact it clearly didn’t match—not even in that way that outfits clash but still look good. As I got older my interest in the fashion world grew and so did my sense of style.

These days, I tend to avoid patterns in favor of monochromatic pieces that are easy to match. My style is pretty basic, almost leaning towards minimalistic. I prefer wearing earthy tones that bring out my eyes and pairs with my preferred natural look.

Here I am wearing one of my favorite go-to looks, partly because it’s super to easy and partly because most of the items were on sale. The sweater, a recent purchase from H&M, is one of my favorites lately because it’s stylish yet simple and keeps me warm during Wisconsin’s harsh winters. The sweater is loose and just long enough to match my style; sometimes I roll the sleeves up to give it a different look.

For bottoms I stuck with my favorite pair of black jeans, also from H&M. Black pants are great and everyone should own at least one pair. These tan boots were purchased over the summer from Target and have become one of my favorite pairs. They’re basic and they match with almost anything. In this case they paired nicely with my white sweater.

For accessories I wore my watch from Urban Outfitters and a gold chain necklace I purchased at a craft fair. The watch has a brown leather band and the face has a map of the world, and it pairs perfectly with every outfit. At the end of the necklace is a metal cutout sun painted teal, it matches with the sweater and goes with the minimalism of the outfit.

I look forward to sharing more articles on fashion, style, and lifestyle this semester. I hope they not only inspire you, but encourage you to try something new.