STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Skrabucha

Hello my beautiful Fashionista/os!

My name is Amanda Skrabucha and this is my first #RAD semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am a third-year journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto and a fashion editor in an online Canadian magazine.

As a Ryerson School of journalism student with a creative mind and an eye for pleasing aesthetics, I tell stories not only with my writing and editing skills, but also with my photography talent.

Even though fashion is not my major, it is really easy for me to combine my passion with my career path. I love taking pictures at the fashion shows, interviewing designers and working with fashion brands.

I was born into the family of creative individuals involved in the fashion industry who taught me how I can meet the needs of my artistic nature, which constantly craves to be visually inspired, through the fashion.

My style is based on the rule ‘less is more’, ‘90s fashion trends and simple designs. Throughout the years, I went through a lot of experimenting with my style to finally figure out what fashion really means to me.

For me, fashion is not only what I wear, but, most importantly, how and why I wear it. It is essential for me to be honest with myself when I choose my outfit—if I do not feel comfortable and confident in it, I will not wear it. I like to think about fashion as a tool that is able to improve my image and, moreover, empower my personality when is well used.

As a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I want to share my creative writing skills and visionary fashion ideas to inspire the readers. My goal is to show ideas and philosophy behind the everyday fashion.

Get ready for a #RAD and fashionable summer!