STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Harris

My name is Amanda Harris and I am a junior at Syracuse University. I am studying Political Science and even though I don’t really know what I am going to do with that, I do know that I have a passion for fashion. Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with styling; from helping my mom and her friends pick out outfits for special events, to obsessing over the Teen Vogue Styling Book, I have always liked putting ensembles together. On my 18th birthday I got a job at J.Crew. To call it a job would be unfair considering how much fun I had doing what I loved. Everyday I got to style real women, who varied from ultra preppy to dipping their toe in the brand. I personally have always worshiped the “J.Crew look;” however, as I have gotten older, my style has evolved to be a bit more boho. I am always looking to see how I can utilize what I have in my closet in order to transform them into current trends without having to buy a lot of trendy pieces. Accessories, specifically necklaces, are my weakness. For the past two summers I have interned at an accessories company, which has only added fuel to the fire. To say I never forget the importance of a statement necklace is an understatement in itself.

Recently, I have been working on being a more adventurous Fashionista. One way that I have found makes me feel a little risky is mixing patterns and prints. These Topshop drawstring shorts have been my go-to this summer as I trekked through the heat of NYC to my internship. I paired this bold black and white print with a subtle blue and white pinstriped button-down. Instead of pairing these fun shorts with a classic structured button-down, I opted to wear a boyfriend-fit top to not only cool me down, but give the overall look a more relaxed vibe. I finished my look off with a simple gold and silver necklace, chunky black booties with a zipper accent and reflective sunglasses.

To me, fashion and music go together like PB&J, it does not make sense to have one without the other. I leave you with the song “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld. Always remember to feel RAD on the inside and out!