STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa DiDomenico

Ciao Fashionistas!

This semester I am surrounded by fashion inspiration more than ever. I am currently living in Florence, Italy for the semester and I am so ecstatic to see a variety of fashion all over Europe. I am still able to be with fellow Kent State students, except I get to eat more pasta and see prettier buildings. As I adjust to Italian customs and attempt to learn the language, I am keeping my eyes peeled for the best fashion in Florence. Going into my third round as a CollegeFashionista style guru intern, I foresee my personal style evolving. It is extremely difficult to pack for five months abroad in one big suitcase and carry-on bag, but it is an incentive to explore the stores in Italy. I hope to expand my mind and allow my creative juices to flow as I travel and I am happy to share this through CollegeFashionista.

For my STYLE GURU BIO, I decided to feature a look that I can see being my go-to travel outfit. From my time here so far, I know I need to be prepared to do plenty of walking, which requires a comfortable outfit. At the same time, it is important to look presentable; it is very rare to see anyone dressed in leggings and T-shirts here. A soft, flowy top is a great start to adjusting to the heat. This blush pink over-the-shoulder top is an item that can elevate a look. It is simple, but the silky fabric dresses it up. These distressed boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite purchases. I have been dying to find jeans with fringe at the ankle and these have that subtle detail. Denim is great for when you are on-the-go and can be worn with multiple tops. My Cole Hahn shoes are my current prized possession. These shoes have already seen every corner of Florence and they are holding up wonderfully. They combine a tennis shoe feel with an oxford charm. I added a stone necklace to give a little texture and sparkle. My other accessories are reminders of home, as they were gifts from my parents and sister. I topped off the look with my woven baseball cap. A solid colored hat is essential for a number of reasons; it shields you from the sun, hides your frizzy hair and looks chic.

Make sure to keep up on my CollegeFashionista posts to see the best fashion in Europe. Arrivederci, for now!