STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Yoon

This is my fifth semester as a Style Guru! It has been an insane ride these last two years at Michigan State University, but I am excited to be entering my third, and hopefully last, year here! I am currently the Web Director for VIM Magazine on campus and I freelance in entertainment—fashion, events and film.

This summer, I lived in New York City working for a designer and taking acting classes at Esper Studio. I learned more than I could have ever hoped for, some good and some bad. Working for Morgan Clifford taught me the ins and outs of a startup fashion line. Esper Studio was another experience that I will take with me forever. I am hoping to go back to the studio to study once I get my degree to pursue my love for being an actor. Spending this summer doing the two things I love the most was rewarding beyond measure.

My style is hipster-casual. I get stressed really easily, so I decided that I am only going to buy things at make me feel confident, comfortable and earthy. My go-to items are sweaters, jeans, tank tops and booties. It took me a while to find what looks good compared to what looks like I rolled out of bed. One thing that helped was having all the other Style Guru blogs to read about simple and casual style.

One tip I have for incoming freshman or someone who may not being doing well in school is to keep your head up. I struggle a lot with my classes and staying focused, and I didn’t always get the best grade and I even had to retake a few classes, but try to find something you love and set time aside to do it each week. Being a Style Guru has helped me take a break from studying and the stress that I gain during each semester. CollegeFashionista has opened doors, which have led me to discover what I want to do after I graduate.

This summer, I also discovered something important in life. If you are doing something you love, it really doesn’t feel like work. Over my time at MSU, I have been a Chemistry major, but I have realized late into the game that isn’t what I want to do. After I finish my degree, I am going to aim at working on films and television as an actress, with production and within the art department. I also realized finding a Fashionista to blog about is completely different than working hands on in the design department. I love being a Style Guru because it has taught me to network with everyone. I am really excited to continue blogging about fall style this semester at MSU. Stay tuned to read more about my take on Fashionistas/os around Michigan State!