STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Womack

What’s up Fashionistas/os, My name is Womack…Alexis Womack and I am super excited to indulge you with my style posts this summer as a first-semester Style Guru.

I am a sophomore at the beautiful Radford University, majoring in elementary education with a concentration in special education. I was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia––a mid-sized city with a lot of personality.

My mother is one of my greatest style influences. Being that we aren’t that far apart in age, she always kept me hip on the latest trends, even as a young style diva. As I grew older and threw away the Blue’s Clues overalls, I began to gain my own sense of style which can be described as “a ton of sassy flair.” As I strong-willingly got through my first year at Radford University, I noticed that many students here don’t dress up for classes; I made it my mission to strut my stuff and make that campus my runway by standing out with a daily exhibition of my style.

Blossoming into an adult, one major lesson I’ve learned can be summed up with my favorite quote by the incomparable Oscar de la Renta, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” Style is about confidence; not the price tag. So whether you’re wearing a pair of ripped mom jeans from your local thrift store or a Burberry dress from Bloomingdale’s, always walk with the confidence of a true Fashionista.

Feeling inspired and want to follow my fashion? In this look I am wearing a pink classic halter top, distressed boyfriend jeans, taupe caged wedges, paired with a wide silver cuff bracelet and an iridescent snakeskin clutch.

I am humbled and honored that you are going on this fabulous journey with me and I hope to truly tap into your inner Style Guru. We will, in the words of Lady Gaga, change the world “one sequin at a time.” Stay golden!