STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis O'Keefe

January 5th, 2015 at 2:10am

Round two! I am beyond pleased to begin my second semester as a Style Guru. I have immensely enjoyed the past few months of reporting trends on the Florida State University campus and am grateful to have the opportunity to do it again. CollegeFashionista has allowed students an outlet to express themselves through their style and has served as an inspiration for so many people. This is the exact reason I applied to be a Style Guru in the first place. The position has given me the capability to explore the many facets of the fashion world and has exposed me to trends and ideas that I never would’ve acknowledged before. For that I am grateful.

As I delve deeper into the depths of the fashion world I find it harder and harder to pin point my personal style. It is kind of all over the place. Music is a big part of my life and is where I pull most of my style inspiration. I am most influenced by the urban street styles reflected by hip-hop music. I admire the sporty yet edgy looks of the genre and use that as a building block for my day-to-day looks. Yet, it is so difficult to claim a specific style. Some days I roll out of bed and think, I really want to emulate Vanessa Hudgens’ super boho-chic look today. There are other days where I think, Man, A$AP Rocky has so much swag…I want that. It is a complete toss up and just depends on how I am feeling on a given day. That is what I love so much about fashion. You are not forced to dress a certain way every day. Each day is a blank canvass allowing you to express yourself through your style choices. Through my position as a Style Guru, I vow to capture these artistic expressions and broadcast my findings to the CollegeFashionista readers.

As the Florida heat continues into the Spring I am sure to see some creative students flaunting their style on the Florida State campus. Last semester I told you my campus would bring the heat and we are about to turn it up a notch. Let’s get it poppin’ FSU Fashionistas/os!