STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Medina

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Medina

Well hello fellow fashion fanatics! My name is Alexis Medina! This is my first semester as a Style Guru intern for CollegeFashionista. Definitely excited to get my creative juices flowing and to write some rad articles for you all this semester. Currently, I attend Virginia Tech as a double-major in marketing management and theatre arts with an emphasis in cinema and a minor in music-technology.

I don’t think I remember when I started loving fashion. I think as I grew older, I had this motivation that I wanted to stand out and in high school, I did just that. I started to wear what made me feel comfortable and currently as a junior at Virginia Tech, I still live by wearing what makes me happy. My style represents the different aspects of my personality and the many interests that I have so deeply been intrigued by but, I gain inspiration every day from my environment, the music I jam out to, my friends and media.

Below are my two favorite styles to wear right now: ’90s kid: I love the ’90s. Plain and simple. I love everything about it from the music, the style, the cartoons I used to watch before school and after—basically everything. I’m a ’90s kid at heart. My go-to style usually consists of a plain T-shirt, mom jeans, creepers and a plaid shirt and the accessories change from day to day but I like to wear different styles from the decade and putting my own twist on them.

Hippie Vibes: Ah yes, in Blacksburg, Virginia, if you are not exposed to the hippie vibes down in this Southwest college town you are missing out. The last semester of my freshman year is when I started to incorporate the hippie and boho styles as a collective. Why? Well, little ol’ me wanted to experience my first local festival (which I did) and it was the best experience of my freshman year. The festival life is very carefree and mad chill which brought me to wear more loose fitting clothes (not necessarily over-sized), layers and a lot of bandanas.

I don’t like pertaining to one specific style or trend because I like to change it up based on my mood. If I am going out to a concert downtown, you’ll probably see me in a “grungy” outfit or a polished look. No guarantees. That’s why I really love fashion—because you can put together so many combinations and you just feel more confident. I can go from boho to street/urban and back to a polished look. There are no rules to what looks good or what doesn’t. Fashion is a one size fits all.

I am very excited to start this semester with a bang and find the coolest and grooviest looks that you can all use as inspiration for your college experience!