STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandra Heuer

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas and Fasionistos! My name is Alexandra Heuer and I am currently finishing up my freshman year at the University of Delaware. I am a Communications Interest major and hoping to minor in Advertising and Business Administration. I am also part of the varsity track and field team here at UD and I am beyond excited to be interning with CollegeFashionista this summer.

The University of Delaware ranges in style from your hipsters to the athletes. This school brings plenty of style to the table whether kids are walking to class or heading down to Main Street on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The fashions here have a wide variety and never seem to let me down. You can find people wearing their gym clothes or someone who is dressed head to toe like they just came out of a magazine. I am more than excited to expose these well dressed students when visiting the campus this summer.

I have always loved fashion as a little girl even though I was involved in sports my whole life. My friends and I would pull out every article of clothing in my closet and video our own fashion show down my long skinny hallway. We put together our own unique outfits and would strut down the “red carpet.” I think I was so in love with clothes and different styles due to living in a school uniform all through grade school. I remember specifically going shopping right before my school had a dress down day. I wanted my outfit to be perfect for everyone to see on that special day. Today I still pick out my outfit the night before classes. You will most likely find me in a dress no matter what season it is. I am a dedicated shopper, accessory enthusiast and shoe lover.

Fashion is not just another topic thrown around. To me, it really shows who that person is as an individual. An outfit can give off a personality in seconds. Many times I see an outfit or store and immediately think of a friend that has that set style. Fashion is a great way to be creative each and every day. I love watching high end fashion shows because in reality those girls would never be caught dead walking the streets in those outfits. However, it is a fun way to piece together different articles of clothing to create a masterpiece that stands out on the runway.

I hope my future posts do not just show you the great styles an individual is rocking, but their own unique way of presenting themselves. I want people to have the confidence to show off that outfit that has been sitting in the back of their closet. Take chances and stand out, because fitting in gets old just like that white V-neck you always wear. I hope you understand that it is okay to stand out and inspire others with you risk of dressing differently than anyone else. So lets see who you are my Fashionistas/Fashionistos.