STYLE GURU BIO: Alejandra Sanchez

Hey there amantes de la moda (fashion lovers) my name is Alejandra Sanchez I’m a true in love Mexican living in an industrial city, also called “the city of mountains” named Monterrey, I’m definitely in love with my country I don’t imagine myself being born in another place but here, I mostly love the culture and the incredible sass Mexicans have. I’m studying Image Design in a small university called Universidad Valle Continental, my school is of the pioneers of this incredible careers like Image Consulting and Event Planning.

I consider myself a seeker of authenticity, for me that’s possibly the most important thing that exists in a person and the most beautiful quality, that’s what makes us so original, we need to understand that we are created with a set of characteristics, that combined, makes us each one of us unique and that’s the greatest advantage and gift we have, it can be hard at times to be ourselves due to all the trends, figures, examples, judgements and stereotypes that already exist for default in the world but I think it’s something worth fighting for and it’s our duty to search for our true self throughout our lives.

I also consider myself an adaptable person, a creative creator, fast learner, and lover of fashion, and I believe every way of expression that comes from creativity and ideas are precious and worth knowing, all artistic discipline are amazing and have its own thing.

As for my own personal style, I don’t think I have a specific style, I actually have realized with time that I don’t want to have a specific style, as I grew I realized I didn’t had one like some friends and other people did, but then I learnt that I didn’t had to have one. I have always like to experiment with all kinds of trends, clothes and silhouettes since I believe fashion is a tool for self-expression and uniqueness, it allows you to be whatever or whoever you want to be whenever you want to be it, and that’s the beauty and power of it.