Yes, You Can Match Your Lashes To Your Vibe — Here’s How

February 1st, 2024 at 2:53pm

College Fashionista x imPRESS Press-On Falsies


It’s no secret that makeup is a form of self-expression, and one of the best ways to let your personality shine is by matching your beauty look to your vibe. You might already pick things like your lip color or eyeliner style based on your go-to aesthetic, but did you know that you can do the same with smaller details like your lashes?

Whether you’re a glam girlie or casual queen, you can channel your inner persona (or try on a totally new one!) by simply applying some false lashes. And with imPRESS Press-On Falsies, the no-glue, press-on-and-go false lashes, it’s never been easier to create your ideal look. Just place your imPRESS Falsies under your natural lashes, use the applicator to squeeze them together, and voilà — you’ve leveled up your lashes. The best part? There’s no glue needed, and you’ll enjoy a secure 24-hour hold that’s easy to remove with no damage or residue. Plus, imPRESS has so many styles to choose from — head to to start exploring them all!

Oh yeah, and did we mention that it’s almost National Lash Day? That’s right, February 19th is a whole day dedicated to all things eyelashes. To celebrate, we’re showing you how to pick the perfect falsies to match your personal vibe.

Vibe: Low-Key Classic

Do you love a no-makeup makeup moment? Do you tend to gravitate towards the basics — a sheer gloss, a neutral shadow — when you’re shopping for new beauty products? For casual girlies that love a timeless vibe, a “your lashes but better” look will never miss. Achieve it with these imPRESS Falsies “Natural” styles.

Vibe: That Girl™ Glam

She’s always on top of the latest trends, and she executes them flawlessly. She loves any excuse to go all out with her hair, makeup, and outfit. She’s That Girl™, and if you want to recreate her glamorous vibe, big, fluffy lashes are key. Whether you go for something bold or more refined, imPRESS Falsies’ “Volume” styles are sure to turn heads.

Vibe: Dreamy & Whimsical

ICYMI, “angel lashes” are trending for 2024, and if you love to channel a romantic, ethereal vibe, you’ll definitely want to try this look. Achieve the delicate, wispy lashes of your dreams with imPRESS Falsies’ “Wispy” styles.

Mix & Match To Create Your Unique Look

Of course, one of the best ways to make sure your lashes fit your vibe is to create a look that’s completely your own. Simply mix and match lash clusters from the NEW imPRESS Falsies minipacks — with 12 styles to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Ready to level up your lashes with imPRESS Press-On Falsies? Shop your fave starter kits and minipacks at & follow @impressbeauty on Instagram for styling tips and tricks!

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