January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hello! My name is Aaron Royce, and I’m so excited for my second semester as a Style Guru! I am a freshman at Christopher Newport University in the town of Newport News, where I plan on majoring in communications and later pursuing a career in magazine journalism.

My style is detailed and edgy. I love the grunge and (lighter) punk aesthetic of the ’90s and today, which I consistently incorporate into my wardrobe and day-to-day outfits. Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss are my fashion icons, and I always try to channel their rebellious but effortlessly classic styles through my own. Accessories and details as minute as well-placed studs or pre-torn holes are elements I believe “make or break” an outfit from a basic ensemble into something spectacular.

This outfit is made up of more recently-acquired pieces, but is one I think will be repeated multiple times throughout the semester and has earned its place as a go-to in my wardrobe. While my usual accessories aren’t a part of this ensemble, the details in its pieces more than compensate for their absence. The studs on my leather jacket are coordinated enough with my studded loafers that they balance each other without overwhelming onlookers with metallic details. The oversized charcoal T-shirt is centered between the jacket and pants, drawing the eye to the embroidery above the breast and the holes throughout. It also has some killer embroidery on the back, which can be easily shown off, weather permitting (or just on unseasonably warm January mornings). The shoes pull the look together with their material and the smaller, rounded versions of the studs that can be found on the jacket. They also add a streak of white to an otherwise dark, stormy outfit palette, which makes for a nice contrast. The neutrality and details of all of these pieces make them individually elevate any basic outfit. However, that detail and neutral color scheme make all of them work well together in one look, too.

The variety of the pieces also make this outfit decidedly well-rounded. My loafers aren’t currently insanely trendy or a common pair of shoes you’d expect to see in anyone’s closet; they’re different and a little quirky, but pair well together with the leather jacket. The studs on the leather jacket make it very on-trend with recent street style. The jean and jacket are basic pieces that are timeless in their simplicity; the jacket varies in its embellishments over time, but always maintains its value and place in anyone’s wardrobe. They create a good base layer for the T-shirt, which is oversized, torn, and embroidered, essentially checking off those three trends and keeping the look current. Overall, it combines a variety of detailed pieces into an outfit that can be transformed and still look stylish when replaced with others, while maintaining a slight rock ‘n’ roll edge that isn’t overstated. And that’s exactly how I like it.