Don’t put away those gladiator sandals just yet, you may still get one more wear out of them before the snow starts sticking. Weather this time of year in Kent, Ohio really is a coin toss, it’s chilly in the morning then hot the rest of the day, so you really have got to embrace the warm temperatures before it’s too late. Now it may seem bold to wear your strappy sandals in November, but why not? This Fashionista is not afraid to make the most of her favorite pair of shoes, so why can’t you?

The weather may be a coin toss, but there is no question that this Fashionista’s coin necklace will be trendy throughout the fall. Her black floppy hat pairs perfectly with her other accessories as well as her black crop top and navy blue high-waisted shorts.

So how do you decide on the perfect outfit for the not so perfect weather? Easy, wear what you feel comfortable in and by all means layer! There is nothing wrong with wearing your flannel or jacket to an early class then taking it off by noon because the sun is beating down. Enjoy the nice weather while you can and those fierce gladiator sandals!

What is your STYLE ADVISE OF THE WEEK? “I just want to be comfortable and happy with what I wear each day. On days when I don’t have morning classes, I try to make the most of the warm weather before it starts getting really cold all day and I’m a prisoner to my boots and winter jacket.”